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PATA establishes crisis resource center and tourism recovery monitor

Crisis Resource Center and Tourism Recovery Monitor are aimed at providing users with a globally integrated collection of accurate knowledge based on their needs.

Finding solutions to the current situation would be a single source of knowledge for travel and tourism organisations.

"While this is a much-needed resource, this is something PATA can't do alone," the association said.

"We are adding two main areas of focus, the first is to discuss the activities of governments around the world who have and help their business players within the Resource Centre", said Sarah Mathews, past chair of PATA .

"Secondly, we ask that industry conduct a business impact assessment to apply for increased governmental funding for our sector using these results.

"The goal is to create a long-term resource center for the industry to be able to make use of when facing a potential crisis, even though COVID-19 is an issue for public health. The tourism and transport industry is unbelievably strong and the travel industry will keep inspiring millions of people worldwide,she said.

Soon Hwa Wong, vice chairman of the PATA, said "We need the current state of emergency management: accurate data, updates and trends are needed for the planning of post-crisis recovery.

"Timing is everything, especially when the recovery effort is being carried out. Too early a complete waste of resources could result. Too late, one of the last off the starting block might risk being, "he said.

PATA said that a number of experts and collaborators have been brought together to share useful knowledge, content and patterns of leading tourism indicators to spot "green shoots" as soon as they start.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the executive board of PATA separately extended the contract of Dr. Mario Hardy as the CEO until 31 May 2021.